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The City Hall of Santiago de Cuba

The current building of the City Hall of Santiago de Cuba was inaugurated in 1950 under the direction of the teacher Francisco Prat Puig who adapted some old plans of the XVIII century destined to the Governor's Palace, which never saw the light of day.

The City HallThe City Hall

To this circumstance it owes himself the strong historicist air of the named City Hall of Santiago de Cuba, real symbol of the city for its elegance.

It was known by most of the Cubans because it was the place from where Fidel Castro spoke for the first time to the population, January 1 of 1959, Day of the Victory of the Revolution in Cuba, in a massive public act in that it’s confirmed the irreversible fact of the victory on the government of Fulgencio Batista.

This building, today, is the main place of the Popular Municipal Government.

In the concerning thing to the City Hall - as government's organ and administration -, this it was constituted in 1515 when founding the village of Santiago de Cuba, been founded by Governor Diego Velázquez. Here it’s placed his residence the same one Governor, as well as many personages and most famous captains arrived in Cuba.

This City Hall is considered as the first one in the history of Cuba and in fact the second of the whole America, it was and it is said that it consisted on a very humble built installation of guano.

The construction that would supervene later has in its main body a balcony that dominates the whole park and that it was the scenario from where Fidel Castro, previously said, proclaimed the victory of the Revolution.

It is from this place, where it is also awarded to the city of Santiago de Cuba, the Honorary Title of Hero City and the Order Antonio Maceo whose replicas can be observed in the facade of this historical place.