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Theater Heredia

The Theater "José María Heredia and Heredia", good known for Theater Heredia started to be built in December 1986 and it was inaugurated August 13 of 1991 in the city of Santiago de Cuba, at a cost of 41 million pesos. It takes the illustrious santiaguero poet's name José María Heredia and Heredia.

Unique installation in Cuba that works like center of conventions, specialized in artistic and cultural shows. Designed by the Cuban architect Antonio Quintana, where it links traditional and modern elements next to an artistic typical atmosphere of the Cuban nature.

It has a main room about 2452 capacities; 1723 orchestra stalls and 729 stalls in the balcony. It possesses 9 rooms with capacities from 30 up to 300 people with facilities of simultaneous translation, audiovisual means, etc.

Theater Heredia

The first idea on the Theater Heredia was conceived in 1982, like part of the Heredia Operation headed by the General of Army Raúl Castro Ruz that it had among its main objectives to build constructions of civilian characteristic, among these a theater that satisfied the growing needs of Santiago de Cuba and it fill in the empty space left by the destruction of the Theater "Aguilera" and the closing of the Theater "Oriente".

The Theater Heredia was headquarters of the sessions of the 4to Congress of PCC in October of 1991.

Inside the building it is also the café with entertainment "Niagara", where it show up music, dance and poetry shows, of Thursday to Sunday, with artists of the region.

It is as well as the Hero City of Cuba, Very Noble and Very Loyal Santiago de Cuba recieves one of the yearned gifts: the Theater Heredia, from among the best facilities in its type in Latin America and Cuba, non alone pride for the santiagueros but for all the Cubans.

Three decades later the prestige of this institution has consolidated in such a way that no Cuban artist of the scene considers completed his curriculum, if at least one of his presentation doesn't appear in the architectural jewel of the Las Americas Avenue.