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Padre Pico Street

In the city of Santiago de Cuba one of their famous street it's Padre Pico, but this fact owes to Padre Pico's stairway, one of the doors of the more santiaguero of all neighborhoods: El Tivolí.

Padre Pico Street

The stairway has 52 steps, grouped in 13 blocks of 4 steps each one, and 12 rests. This work was built in 1899 under the mayor Emilio Bacardi's auspices, endowing this way, to the city of one of its unmistakable symbols.

Until that moment the place was known as Loma de Carvacho, since in one of its locals of the corner formed by the streets Santa Lucía and Padre Pico (then Street of the Hospital), in the same point where the elevation began, there was a grocer's shop, property of a catalan with the name Juan Carvacho Fernández, who arrived in Cuba in 1832 coming from Venezuela.

This gentleman acquired other houses in the own Loma to dedicate them to the lease, that which contributed to that, with more reason, the town associated with the name to so picturesque place; until with the construction of the mentioned stairway it faded of the popular memory the old name.

It was Emilio Bacardí who proposed and achieved that the old street of the hospital was rebaptized with Padre Pico name, in honor to Bernardo del Pico Redin, former priest very loved in Santiago de Cuba by its beneficent work in the Belén's Convent.