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La Alameda

El Paseo la Alameda, nook of serenity to refresh at any moment, near to the famous bag bay in the city of Santiago de Cuba, it is not more than a tree walk, paved in some on their parts, in others of refined granite, with providing fountains and banks.

Paseo la Alameda, Clock

El Paseo La Alameda or La Alameda like it is called by the most of the inhabitants of the City of Santiago de Cuba, in fact is named La Alameda de Michaelsen, in honor of the German citizen Hermann Friedrich Wilhelm Michaelsen.

It is located specifically in front of the port of the city, in the current Avenue named Jesus Menéndez and it’s extends from the street Calixto García until the street Aguilera, with a near extension to the 400 meters.

It was in 1830 when the idea arose, by the authorities part, of building a walk, but it didn't go up to 1859 that La Alameda was built and it was named Téllez, in honor to the governor Don Juan Téllez. Their grates, streets that end in her, diverse furniture and central fountain made of this corner a recess place and amusement for the age.

The weekends were the favorite ones for young ladies and gentlemen to go for a walk in their cars or on foot showing up clothes and hats.

From their creation El Paseo La Alameda has had several remodelings, the first one was in 1893, sponsored by the benefactor of the city Hermann Michaelsen, reason for which takes its name at the present time.

Although at one time it was meeting place for the society santiaguera, then it was decaying until in 1920 it was dilapidated. When the Doctor Desiderio Arnaz Alberni took possession of the Mayor's office, undertook the reconstruction with the help of the trade association and the town, so it was anew inaugurated La Alameda in July 25 1929.

The new project stood out for the presence of two Arches of Welcomes and a bigger bond of the public space with the sea. La Alameda's Clock or La Torre de Arnaz (as originally it was called in honor to the mayor of the moment that carried out the plan donated by the Chamber of Commerce of Santiago de Cuba), it was installed by the El Brillante Venero y Hermanos jewelry store, with the project proposed by the architect Antonio Bruna Danglad.

Today the image of El Paseo de La Alameda Michaelsen is because to the executed project by the mayor Luis Casero Guillén between 1949 and 1951. It preserve the sobriety and elegance of the environment with its refreshing fountain and big boulevards. Commemorative monuments were also erected to the memory of Hermann Michaelsen, and universal José Martí, among other.

In the adjoining road the traffic is alternated with cars thrown by horses and the modern public and private transportation of a city of almost half million of inhabitants. Important thoroughfares, modern shop and majestic buildings of principles of the XX century converge. This public space and their surroundings goes on being by the light of the XXI century, boulevard of preference of the santiagueros for the soft breeze, cozy atmosphere and landscape of the sea.