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Mariana Grajales

Mariana Grajales Coello (Santiago de Cuba June 12 1815 - Jamaica, November 28 1893). Daughter of Dominican Republic’s parents and of mestiza race.

She got marriage contracts with Fructuoso Regüeiferos with 23 year old. Of this union 4 children are born: Felipe, Fermín, Manuel and Justo. Her husband dies in 1840. Eleven years later she contracts wedlock again, now with the Venezuelan emigrant Marcos Maceo. The marriage did go to live to a property that Marcos got in Majaguabo, San Luís, moment where the family begins to grow. Born: Antonio, José, Rafael, Miguel Julio, Tomás, Marcos, Dominga and Baldomera.

Mariana and Marcos educated their children in the moral and ethical highest values, always in a simple but firm way they prepared them to face the life. While to the males works in the field, the women took charge of the home works.

Marcos related histories to his children like he had fought in his earth against the Spanish yoke and he taught them to ride and the art of use of the machete like war weapon.

Mariana Grajales

Mariana related histories of the war in Haiti and how her family had emigrated to Cuba in search of tranquility. As well as she transmitted to their children discipline, organization and thought cleaning.

With the time the children grew up and in their hearts it was wrought the love to the homeland and desire of fighting for her, feeling transmitted by own Mariana who demanded them fight for the freedom of Cuba or to die in the intent.

After the armed revolt in 1868 didn't have one of the children and daughters of Mariana that didn't participate in the revolutionary geste. The males together with the father transformed into mambises and the females guided by the mother they would cover the rearguard.

When concluding the war in 1868, Mariana Grajales abandoned Cuba and she's gone to Jamaica and still from far she continues collaborating with the cause, next to their daughters and daughter-in-laws, in the creation of a patriotic clubs. To the 78 year old she dies in the exile (November 28 1893) while their children prepared tthe beginnig of the Necessary War where they would write other glorious pages of the History of Cuba.

The Cuban people owes to Mariana Grajales some of its most valuable heroes like Antonio and José Maceo, sons tha she knew to educate and to transform into generous and brave men able to give their lifes for the freedom of his homelan.